Thursday, August 04, 2011

Sinuses, Allegeries, Infections....Oh My!

To say I've had my plate full lately is an understatement. For the past month, I had-and still have-a very bad sinus infection. It started with massive daily headaches and last Friday I began feeling very dizzy and nauseous. Oh, and I had lots of pressure in my ears. By Monday, I'd had enough why the heck did I wait so long so I went to get checked out and get some meds. I never knew sinus infections could be so horrendous. Meds have been helping a lot but I still feel the symptoms from time to time throughout the day.
On Tuesday night, my daughter told me that her legs were itching and that they had been since Sunday night. Since she had gone a few days without mentioning it, I assumed it wasn't that bad. I had her soak in an oatmeal bath and then lathered her up with Eucerin lotion. She slept well through the night. Yesterday, I see that it is spreading more and more on her legs, even to the bottom of her feet! It didn't look quite like chicken pox but since it went to the bottom of her feet, I thought maybe it was so I took her in to get checked out. Turns out it's just a bad insect bite infection. They gave me a prescription for over-the-counter hydrocortizone and tell me to use that and also continue to give her the oatmeal baths.
Tuesday and Wednesday my son had allergies which made for one fussy boy. His eyes were burning throughout the day and he was overly sensitive to anything and everything around him.
As I write this I think, "Well aren't we just a big group of whiners." Lol It sounds like it but believe me, we had reason. None of us felt too great, each with our own personal issue. Oh dear, another thought just came to mind: MY POOR HUSBAND! He's had to endure these days attending to us, running errands for me, and being patient with us. I think he deserves an award, I'll have to get on top of that ASAP.
On the upside, I was able to read quite a bit during my time in bed. And as if I wasn't already hooked on pinterest, I was able to add lots of pins to my boards. I even made some cute little yarns dolls for the kids (my sons' is a "yarn man", he told me) from a pin I was inspired by. I can't promise that I'll post about that tonight, but I will def try to soon.
I should also add that as of today, we're all better for the most part and in this very moment, kids are running around pretending they're a prince and princess in a castle. They notified me that they decided I'm the queen and even put a crown on me. Yay! That works for me. :)

I feel like I'm cheating you guys if I don't post any pics, so I'll leave you with this sweet one of my kiddos with two of my besties' children on a lovely summer evening.

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  1. I'm so sorry for all you've been through, but i can safely say, "I know what mean exactly", for i am the sinus queen! I know how bad that can be! From the symptoms you described on twitter, i suspected that is what it was. I'm glad your better.
    I must warn you that with sinus issues, it seems that once you've had it, they tend to come back depending on what triggers them for you.
    What helps me is OTC Sudafed sinus headache meds, that and slathering Vicks on my forehead and wrapping one of my husbands wife-beaters around my head covering my eyes. Then I turn off the lights and take a nap. Works great, 90% of the time.

    Love the pic! thanks!