Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bedside Chest of Drawers...Before & After

So, I thought I'd share with y'all how I did my first ever furniture makeover project. It was actually quite simple, especially since my chest of drawers didn't have any grooves in it.
This was handed down to me from my mother when my brother bought new furniture and no longer needed it. Here is how it looked before:

As you can see, it needed a good wipe down before I could get started. After thorougly cleaning the dresser in it's entirety, I was ready for my next step. Since there was a glossy shine to the wood, I needed to sand of the shine finish so that the primer would adhere better to the wood.

As you can see, I used a small handheld sander which made the process so easy. I had to go over it a few times, to be sure I didn't leave any shiny spots anywhere. The next step: primer

Don't let the rust on that brush fool you. The bristles are in good condition which is what matters anyway, right? I think we left it soaking once too long and that caused it to rust on top. Anyway, I gave the piece two good coats of primer, waiting between each coat to give ample time to dry. The next step was to paint with the top coat and decided to go with white semi-gloss paint I already had. The last and final step was to add new knobs. And here it is when all was said and done:

What did this little project of mine cost me? I already had the paint and primer from previous painting projects, and I already had the sander/sandpaper, along with my rusty paintbrush, so all I paid was $10 for the knobs at Target.
As for the tabletop decor:
*Lamp--$4.74 (clearance item from Target)
*Orchid plant--FREE (V-day gift from hubby--he knows how I feel about spending money on roses since they die within a few days so thought I'd appreciate a plant instead. I LOVE IT! It came in a cute wicket basket with a valentine's bow but I didn't think it matched so I put it in the little tin container and wrap a piece of green ribbon around.)
*Candles--FREE (already had)
*black box--FREE (already had--it was from a Christmas gift set & was red. I just gave it a quick coat of black acrylic paint with a foam brush)

All I need now is another just like it or atleast one to compliment it so I can put it on the other side of my bed. Bare with me for not showing a picture of each step by step process. I'm still trying to get in the groove of taking pictures while at work so I can share them with you all. I promise I'll TRY to do better from now on. :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Friday, April 08, 2011

A Girl On A Mission....

I've been hard at work the last couple of weeks giving our bedroom a much needed makeover. It's kinda late to be posting, but I keep putting this off and thought a short post with a few pictures would have to do for now. I still have a few more things to buy and do before I'm done but I just wanted to share a few pictures of my work in progress. When I'm finally complete with my makeover, I'll share some before and after pics of everything along with all my bargain finds. :) Let me know what you think of everything so far. 

This looked completely different before I got my hands on it. 

As you can see, my color palette includes: gray, white, navy, and green.

So there you have it, my room in progress. We took these at night, and although I think it looks nice, I love how fresh and airy it looks during the day with the blinds open. I'll try to take some daytime pictures to share with you.