Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Stacy!!!!

Happy Birthday to my dearest friend, Stacy!
Here we are on the NJ side of the Hudson River during my visit last November.

Hmmm...where should I begin? How can I possibly describe this amazing person in just one post? I'll just speak from the heart and hope it turns out well.

This dear friend of mine is the kind of friend everyone hopes to find. She is so kindhearted and is very sympathetic to those around her. Anytime she is able to, she will lend a hand and more to help someone. I have witnessed her give what she really doesn't even have to give at the time, not worrying about how she will be able to make due. (This is about her but I just wanted to add that her hubby is the same way & that makes them all the more special as a couple.) She knows how to make a person feel comfortable and is great at listening & giving advice. She is also a great example to me of how to be a good wife and loving mother.

She and I have a special kind of friendship, a "treasure to be cherished" is how we'd describe it. Over the years, we have shared many, many laughs, tears, embarrassing moments, and even our deepest secrets with one another. I don't deserve a friend so special but I am ever so grateful to have her in my life. She is always there to lift up my spirits and encourage me when I'm feeling down. She has definitely saved me thousands of dollars with all the free 'therapy sessions' she's given me over the years. Lol

We can go weeks without speaking and now that we live miles away from each other, months without seeing each other. Yet, when we get an opportunity to do one or the other, it's as if we'd just been together yesterday. 

I remember when we first met, she asked me to be in her quinceanera (a Hispanic celebration for young women when they reach 15 years old) and I just thought she was the sweetest girl. It wasn't until I was planning my wedding that our friendship really began to grow. She had married shortly before I did so with that, we had something in common. We were two young girls entering into a new chapter in our lives. We had the fortune of being neighbors for almost two years which gave our friendship an opportunity to grow even more.

One of our favorite outings when she lived nearby was to hit our local QuickTrip for a drink and go grocery shopping late at night. Sometimes, we'd just drive around for a while, only to end up parked outside my house for hours on end chatting about random topics some meaningful and some just plain silly.

We were there when we each married, we were there for the births of one each others'  children, and we've been there for countless other events whether big or small. Our husbands and children are close too which makes it all the more wonderful. So many cherished memories over the years, I only hope we're able to add to them in the years to come.

Stacy, on this special day my birthday wish for you is that you know and feel loved by your family and friends. I'm sure your family has something special for you and you'll have a day filled with sweet little smiles, lots of hugs & kisses, and the gift of being surrounded loved ones. I hope that this new year is filled with many blessings from above. I'm so sorry I can't be there in person to celebrate with you but I'm working really hard to get there as soon as I can for a visit so we can have our day of fun in the big city. Love you! :)

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  1. Oh my goodness Lisa! I've been so busy these last few days, I hadn't seen that you posted this. You really know how to make a girl cry, don'tcha? Looking back to some of the hardest, most painful times of my life, I realize I might not have made it through without you. I love how we think so much alike, how you totally get me. I can be my real self with you. I love how we never run out of things to talk about with each other, no topic is left untouched. We can talk about silly things, important things, trivial things, serious things, painful things, difficult things, funny things, mundane things ....everything. It's hard for me to cry with anyone and I can cry with you. And boy, can we laugh!! We just feed off of each other's silliness, don't we? LOL! (Don't forget to pack your wig!) How many times we've laughed and cried together. You are so precious to me, dear friend. Thank you for saying such sweet things about me. It's a real compliment coming from you, 'cause you really know me. Love you so much! Anxiously awaiting your belated birthday gift. =)