Thursday, May 26, 2011

Welcome to my new blog :)

Just in case you're wondering, no I don't live in Britain. This is actually the name of the street we live on and my hubby came up with this cute name. Looking forward to sharing all the busyness our lives consist of whether it's home remodeling, fun stuff with the kids, yummy food, or being crafty. :) Tomorrow I will share with you all how I installed the new floor in our restroom so be sure to swing by.

...btw, I've added a few old posts from my previous blog.


  1. Yipee! I'm the first one ever to comment on your new blog! I love it Lisa! Everything from the colorful background to the fonts. Glad you decided on "The Brittain House", it was my favorite of all the options. Really looking forward to seeing how you installed the tile. I told Isaac all about it and he really wants to see pictures. :o) Love ya!

  2. Thanks for the compliments. Now that I have this new blog, I'm motivated to try and post a little more often. Can't wait to share all that we've been doing over here. :)