Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Restroom in Progress

A few weeks ago we confirmed what we'd been fearing for some time....we had mold in the restroom. Yikes! The family and I kept getting sick and at first we thought it was allergies but then we noticed the restroom started smelling kinda funky and realized that it was the wall behind the toilet. There was some water damage to the floor near the wall behind the toilet and we discovered that it too had mold. We were stressing out. This was definitely not a project we were planning to tackle any time soon but we had to fix this quick. After we removed the toilet and sink, we removed the wall and we found the cause for the mold: one of the pipes had a crack and every time we used the faucet, water would leak out and cause water damage to the wall and eventually seeped down to the floor. We're not finished just yet but we're getting there. All we need to do is texture and paint which we plan to finish up by tomorrow night if all goes well (I'm texturing during the day and then we can paint at night.)
I'll share a more detailed post of all we did once we're done. In the meantime, here are a few pictures of the room in progress.

This is the wall we had to replace due to the mold.

This is the wall opposite the previous one. I had a scary episode trying to remove this (yes I did this wall myself--I don't recommend) but thankfully my hero hubby saved me from harm!

 This was so easy to install and the end result looks fantastic! 
I'm not too savy on laying tile so I experimented with this laminate tile-as opposed 
to ceramic tile-and I promise you cannot tell the difference plus it's super easy! 
(I saw the step-by-step guide at Home Depot)

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  1. Wow Lisa! I'm so proud of you! You've become quite the Handy Woman. You've gotta write up some detailed tutorials to help those of us who want to try new things (like applying wall texture and tiling)but are too afraid to try it without some guidance. Love you! Can't wait to see the pics of the bathroom completed.