Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Prepare to be amazed.....

Well, not yet anyway, but it's coming. In order to get to the big kitchen remodel, there are a few steps we need to take. For example, we removed the washer & dryer that were formerly situated in the kitchen and moved them over to our new laundry room, which I blogged about in a previous post. Our next step was to remove the current back door and install a new back door in our dining room. This will allow us to close off that wall so we can have more cabinet space in our new kitchen.

On Sunday, I'm proud to say that Jesse & I installed the new door all by ourselves. :) Although, I do have to mention that our very good friend Renito lent us some tools we'd need for the project and was sure to give us so much needed tips for installing the new door. Oh, and it's amazing what kind of things you can learn from youtube. :) We ran into a few bumps toward the end of the project, but overall, it wasn't as hard as we thought it'd be. We still need to finish adding the molding on both sides (inside & outside) but the hardest part of the installation is behind us. Here are a few pics:

Before we started:

Jesse is wondering what the heck we got ourselves into. lol

Here I am hard at work, trying to remove the 2x4s that were secured under the window.

We are ready to install the door!

....and the door just went in perfectly. :) ....Soon after this picture, we realized that we weren't done just yet. We installed the doorknobs only to realize that the door was too far away from the frame so it wouldn't lock. We had to loosen the frame a little, level the door again, loosen the frame a little more, level again, loosen the frame just a little more, level again, well you get the picture. After all this, we finally got it just were we needed.

Tadaa! Here is the door completely installed! 

We still have a whole lot of work ahead of us but we feel so happy to see our home projects actually starting to get done. Please keep visiting and I'll be sure to keep posting updates of all we're doing. Love you all!


  1. Wow Lisa! Ya'll did such an amazing job! It looks really good. I know getting the door level is a headache sometimes. (been there, done that) How exciting to see you guys take your first big step. I can just see the kitchen now...L shaped along the wall where the door used to be. Can't wait to see what ya'll do next. Love and miss you tons.

  2. OH-MY-WOW! Lol! I am amazed at how beautiful the door looks! Wow and y'all did it without any help...well, except for youtube! LOL! Congrats on a job well done. I really can't wait to see the finished product in person! :0) Love you and see you soon!