Monday, November 15, 2010

Family Day at the Museum

Seems like my life is always busy, but the past several weeks have been busier than usual. Let's see, I went to a three-day women's conference, helped my mom organize and have a moving sale, had my own online sale on craigslist--which I took pictures of every item I posted, celebrated my husband's 31st birthday, youth lock-in, prepared my house & family before leaving to NJ/NY, and of course visited my dear friend Stacy. Add that to the average daily/weekly routines of cooking, cleaning, bathing :), homeschooling, spending time with the hubby, and church and you have yourself a VERY busy schedule.
Things were going just a little too fast for me so my sweet hubby decided to take a day off so we could take a short break from all the hustle and bustle and have some fun family time together. We decided to take the Mayah & Isaiah to "The Museum of Science & History". If you haven't been, I would highly recommend you go, whether you have kids or not. Right now, they have a special exhibit titled, "Lost in Egypt". It was perfect because we were about to start studying this time period in History.

Mayah loved the idea of sitting on a camel to imagine she was living during this time. Jesse looks like he's enjoying it too. :)

This is a recreated dig where pieces of a clay pot were found. We've already discussed archeologists and what they do so Mayah was really interested in this section of the exhibit.

The kids LOVED this part of the museum for obvious reasons...they had tons of fun!

Jesse admitted to me that he got teary-eyed when he was taking this picture. He said he can't believe how fast she's grown. She's such a big girl now.

Isaiah had enjoyed re-arranging these pins in no particular order or design. I have to say, I love this picture...and it's not just because I took it. LOL

This was really neat, it was interactive and showed you how electricity is made & how it's used to power up the city.

These are just a few pics I wanted to share of our day at the museum. We've already been twice since they remodeled and they had something different each time. The kids love it, I love it, there is definitely something for everyone and it's very educational as well. We plan to buy a family membership next year so we can visit anytime we want....looking forward to that!


  1. Hey Lisa, I loved catching up on your blog posts today. The ancient Egypt exhibit looks like such fun. We will be starting ancient history again soon so we definitely need to swing by there and check it out. Your schoolroom inspiration pics are great. I especially like the one with the white walls and bold accent colors. I am almost finished with mine and am so happy to be using it again. I will try to post pictures soon. Maya did such a great job of illustrating that poem! What a blessing to have such a smart little girl. :)

  2. Lisa! That's it, I have to go see that exhibit when I am in Fort Worth in December.
    My kids are starting Ancient Egypt as well.
    Can't wait to see exact one month. Woo hoo!! Love ya!